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Summer Musings

We are three weeks into summer and I'm finally feeling like I've gained my sea legs. Not that I've been spending any time on a boat, but the change of school pace into summer pace leaves me feeling off kilter. I'm gaining some stability in the day-to-day, but also staring at some impasses in life that are giving me the feeling I've lost my anchor.

I've had A LOT of feelings lately and I don't know how to handle them, so I usually stuff them into some corner of my consciousness and pretend they aren't there. This strategy only works for a little while before I find myself bawling my eyes out in my closet for unknown reasons, but after the tears I can usually pinpoint what is going on. I've had more moments like these lately mostly, I presume, because two of my closest friends in Nashville are moving away this summer.

One girl friend has been with me since the beginning of my Nashville journey. She was my only mom friend when baby Rock came along and …

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