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Learning To Live In Freedom With My Dark Places

I cannot hide from my darkness.

I can pretend it isn't there, or give it so much worry and attention that the dark places feel like a shadow surrounding me every minute of the day, but I can't get rid of it. I've tried really hard to do all the right things to cover the dark for a while. I've read the Bible and gone to church and put myself in situations to serve, all in hopes to outweigh the things that aren't right in me. But they come back and I get so tired. There has to be more than managing the hidden places. As each God-given, grace filled day goes by, I have found that my dark is a part of me. I cannot cut it off and the more I try to hide it the more it takes over. I have found great comfort in the thought that if God loves me and sees me, then He must find value in my dark. He's with me and His power out shines the things I cannot overcome on my own.

I don't think God created humanity to attain and handle holiness. We can do the right things and l…

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