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Winter is Dark, God is Good.

There is power in proclaiming God is good when it doesn’t feel like He is. There is power in looking at our circumstances, the less than’s, the disappointments, the wondering’s if we’re ever going to be ok’s and still proclaiming God is good. Always good.  I’m sitting at home in a still house, the city truly bustling around me with every window in the house open. It’s 64 degrees, sunny, in the beginnings of February and I’ve got a sick baby snoozing upstairs. I’ve also got an eight year old boy performing (one of his favorite things) in his third grade musical at school right now. I’m not there. I could have fought to be there, I could have made it happen one way or another, but this week has been a doozy. We’ve been juggling sick kids, jobs that don’t stop when sick kids enter the mix, and a month of missing the marriage mark. Phil and I are tired. Weary to the bone. We have been feeling winter in our hearts more than normal as we’ve both felt God’s leading to work on our wounds. We f…

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