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Soapy Soup

You are kind, You are smart, You are important.

My first bouquet of flowers...

A toasted bagel sandwich and a rain storm

My mess, our messes

How I fell off the Wagon

Working to Remember

Rock's Tender Heart...

Moving in and Growing up

Missing Dada

Sit with me...


Today means something.

Bruce the Shark, A Car-Sick Niece, and the West

A Little Bit of Crazy

You've got a friend in me...

The lonely

Springtime...Please Sing!

Pennies have been good to me...

Ooooopsies....I took a break.


My name is weird.

My Days

"You Always Amaze Me"

A simple mistake


My body is yelling at me!

You bring life to my bones



I wish Forest Gump was my friend.