An Honest Start...

Blog Day #1...

So...I started this blog about 5 months ago and couldn't post anything. I just sat looking at it for an hour or so before I gave up. My husband keeps telling me I'd like having a blog and I partly agree with him, but for some reason I have some doubts too. Here they are: (in no particular order)

1. I am really honest in my writing and that scares me...

2. Since I stay at home with our little guy and my husband travels for work I use the internet a lot and pretend it's my friend (at least facebook gives me some non-baby interaction)...I don't want this blog to become my best friend...sad day.

3. On the exact opposite side I tend to lack motivation to keep up with anything (aka...I wrote and addressed about half of my thank you notes after all my baby showers, which turned out to be around 40, and NEVER sent them out...or finished the rest of them. It's been a year since I had Rock, my little boy. So embarrassing). Will I leave this blog hanging??

To be honest I'm starting this blog because I need an outlet...something to keep me going when I want to hide in a closet because I feel lonely or petty or selfish or purposeless. I need something right now other than watching tv on hulu, facebook stalking, and struggling to find joy in the day-to-day of being a stay at home mom (and "single" mom at that half the time). I want God to be glorified in my small time on earth and beyond what I can see I'm thinking maybe this will be something that will help others too. So...I'm gonna reach out to my neighbors and I'm gonna blog because I'm not crafty or artsy or motivated by much these days.

Welcome...and nice to meet you. Here are some pics of the fam!

My Boy!

My Man!



  1. In all hopes I wanted to start a blog (mainly to comment on yours!) The only title I had to choose that Blogger would allow was "Raising Today" HOWEVER, I perfer and originally wanted "Raising Tomorrow" (more of a story behind this). I had to post a comment in hopes after realizing your Blog title was "Fighting For Today" you didn't think I was trying to copy you..-sigh- I'm not!! (although I DO think you're incredibly rad) I felt the need to explain. I love you, I do.


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