Soapy Soup

At this very moment I am shaking my head, laughing at myself. I did it AGAIN! I have a little problem with hand washing dishes, not rinsing them thoroughly, making food in them, and having the food taste like dish soap. Yes, just one of the many home maker fails that plague me.

I love soup and after Rock went down for his nap I thought this 65 degree cloudy/rainy day fell into the soup perfection category. And as I sat down to enjoy the first bite...the left over dish soap left a lingering taste on my tongue. I've done this now about 10 times and every time it happens I feel like a moron. It's happened with scrambled eggs, coffee, and mostly soup.

In this afternoon's course of tragic events I was reminded of a childhood story that also makes me shake my head with the "what were you thinking, Sonnie" line written all over it. But it makes me laugh so I thought I'd scribble it down.

My family was staying at a hotel with anticipations of visiting a random amusement park that we frequently visited in Kansas called "World's of Fun." My mom's family lives in Kansas, so occasionally when we would visit family we'd also make our way to the theme park. I recall being about 8 years old and the morning we were to embark on good ole' family fun my siblings and I got up way to early due to excitement. We found ourselves playing a game where I was an imaginary mean mother figure and two of my younger siblings, Rilie and Brady, were my misbehaving children. So naturally, putting myself fully into character, when my children behaved badly I had them lick the hotel soap. I'm laughing out loud right now as I think about it. My parents weren't aware of what was going on and I must have made my siblings lick the hotel soap at least a dozen times before anyone knew what was happening.

Well, little Brady, who was about 5 at the time, started complaining about his stomach hurting. We were a bit concerned about the news knowing that we were supposed to leave for "Worlds of Fun" in the next hour. He ended up rushing to the bathroom and proceeded to throw up...accompanying his throw up were bubbles. Yes, bubbles. All the soap licking had upset his miniature stomach, but in turn made him a human bubble machine. He was quite amazed and stunned by all that was happening and thank God for the bubbles because without them making the whole incident rather note-worthy, I would have been the most horrible sister EVER. We did make it to World's of Fun that without anymore bubble barf's and we had a great time.

But now for my punishment, I get to eat soapy soup on rainy days!!


  1. oh my gosh..i am laughing! two noteworthy quotes...1. "bubble barf" 2. for punishment i get to eat soapy soup on rainy days".....
    you are funny, a good awesome person and mom...i hope your birthday today is AMAZING and that the year ahead is BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED. Glad to call you my friend. No Soapy Soup for your birthday today!!!! Splurge!!!

  2. Oh Sonnie! What a great memory. We had fun, that is what is important! :)

  3. I know you just had a baby and all.....but PLEASE DONT ABANDON YOUR BLOG.. i miss your creative words...


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