Spy with a Breast Pump...

This past weekend my in-law's came down to visit. They were here to spoil Phil and I to help with our TWO KIDS...still can't believe we have two, nuts I tell ya! One of the evenings they were here they took charge of the babes and scooted Phil and I out the door to enjoy a nice long date. The time together was so needed and I cherished looking my husband in the eye to tell him how much I admire him. It's hard to genuinely love a spouse when there's a 2 year old and a newborn occupying our home.

Needless to say, during a nice long date a mother of a newborn has certain duties to attend to and since I wouldn't have my little lady around to feed every 2.5 hours I was going to have to pump. As time would have it, half way through dinner I needed to "make a phone call" aka grab my breast pump out of the car and find a discreet location to take care of some business. We were at a restaurant with multiple options to hide away and I had scoped out the area before we sat down to eat.

As a little precursor, I had the opportunity to get myself ready for our date since two grandparents were around to entertain the kids. I was feeling rather confident in my appearance...skinny jeans, black boots, a motorcycle style jean jacket, eye liner for the first time since who knows when, and a good hair day.

With this boost in confidence I strutted outside to the car to grab my pump, camouflaged nicely in a small black back pack. I put the back pack on and acted like I knew exactly where I was going...I found myself looking for a bathroom upstairs in a business type area, but none could be found. I walked into a Barnes & Noble that, yes, had a bathroom, but none of the stalls had outlets to plug in my "special machine". So I walked back through the bookstore, the business area, and found myself in a Starbucks bathroom.

Given the fact that I was going to hunker down in the sbux bathroom for 10 minutes or so I needed to assemble my pump fast. I put the pieces together...assembling the pump like a hidden weapon of some sort and in the most uncool situation I felt like a spy. I laughed at the ridiculousness of my imagination, but in between knocks on the bathroom door and finding myself a bit self conscious that people would think I was stinking up the bathroom in horrific fashion I was glad that I could find some comedy and a little ounce of awesome in such a "hey, I'm a mom" situation. Most people had no idea my black backpack carried a lovely breast pump. For all they knew I looked like the dozen other college students studying at Starbucks or I could be an assassin with a mission to complete or a nursing mother out for a simple date with my husband.

All in all the little escape of feeling like something beyond my stay-at-home momness was fun and probably sounds incredibly lame :) In my day in, day out schedule of taking care of my small children I'm learning that the little things to laugh at or give me a healthy escape are true gifts. Truth is, I don't feel very good at this mom thing...I have to tell myself daily that I can do this and that I'm good at this because it is crazy hard. I'm learning to let go...it's a good thing to learn.

In the mean time, don't be weirded out if you see me around Nashville wearing my breast pump on my back pretending to be a spy. I'm just keeping my sanity even if it looks like I'm losing it!!!


  1. ha ha...i love it. Oh i hear ya girl. My breast pump and i became best friends for a while. But i never did a starbucks bathroom!!! lOVE IT!! i also LOVE that you have had a moment to blog again. you write so well and make me laugh every time. EVER's BIRTH STORY IS AMAZING. PRaise GOD!!!


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