We Can Work It Out.

How am I supposed to handle this conflict thing that creeps it's way into every relationship? How do I keep unresolved heart ache and pangs of hurtful miscommunication from lingering in my soul? How can I be honest and open with my feelings while being wise enough to keep my mouth shut?

I used to be deathly afraid of conflict. My eversion to working things out left me pretty spineless most days. I couldn't speak up for what I wanted because I didn't want to step on anyone's toes. If an argument or miscommunication did arise I usually bailed, fast.

Through a number of situations where life happened fast and penetrated deep I had to come to terms with my fears. It's been eight long years of learning to accept that conflict is a part of life that, if handled correctly, will yield beauty and strength. Some days I can stand up without hesitation, while other days I shrink back to my mousey ways.

Stories of conflict have been coming at me left and right over the past weeks and my heart aches for resolution. The issues aren't going away on their own and we have to be brave to own our faults and failures enough to say sorry, forgive, and work things out. On our own we are too much to handle. On our own we don't live up to expectations. I want to find my worth in Jesus' eyes so that I can be honest with my shortcomings here on earth.

I believe unity is worth fighting for even if that means ugly tears and lonely hearts, both places I've been familiar. I may have cursed these situations in the moment, but sticking around and working hard at healing has been some of the best work I've done.


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