Living a Good Story As a Mom.

Living a good story right now means showing up in the morning. It means making coffee and pouring cereal bowls. The story is good when I'm in a great mood and the story is good when I'm in an ugly mood. The story builds when I apologize to my kids for being unkind and they hug me and we start over.

Somedays I get interrupted three dozen times while I'm trying to make a dent in the dishes. There are days I get an hour of peace to write or shop, pray or sleep. I lay down tired and wake up tired. The laundry gets dirty and then it gets clean, dirty, clean, dirty, clean.

I see friends and pour out my soul. I see friends at the library, zoo, Target, Trader Joes, and neighborhood parks and each friendship makes my story rich, so deep. I listen, I share, I breathe.

We go to the grocery. I make mediocre dinners most nights, but sometimes I knock a meal out of the park and feel the victory in my soul. Yes, soul.

We wrestle, play baseball, light saber, and swing. I tell my kids we can't talk about Star Wars or Frozen for thirty minutes and set a timer. I engage and take breaks and try to put Instagram away.

These mom days are on a pendulum for me, somedays priceless and some too much to handle. I hope to write a book one day and take baby steps toward that hope, that goal. But mostly I am aware of how good these days are already. Without much to show for these busy mom days, I am proud to lock eyes with Rock and Ever to say they mean the world to our family. I see the stars in my kids. I see Jesus in my home when we show up for each other. There's not much more I can do but be present.


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