"Hi Rock, do you want to be friends?"

Five, yes five, five-year old Rock went to his first VBS (Vacation Bible School) yesterday. I was ecstatic and he was nervous. Growing up going to VBS my whole kid life has left me with some of the sweetest freedom memories of childhood (my homeschool social life revolved around church, so there's that). But little Rock had no idea what Vacation Bible School was and I was having a difficult time explaining it to him. I finally settled on telling him I'd stick with him until he felt comfortable, that I wouldn't leave him if he still felt unsure about the whole thing.

We got to the church a bit early because I knew there were going to be loads of kids and I wanted to meet the teacher before things got busy (over-protective? overachiever? crazy? I dunno). We met the teacher and hung out waiting for the other kids to arrive. The first boy to show up was chit-chatting with the teacher about how he was six years old and his best friend was going to show up any minute. He eventually came over and sat down by Rock. I asked Rock if he felt ok, and if I could leave and he said, "Uhhhh, can you keep staying mom? I'm still not sure about this." "Ok," I said, "Let's wait for two more kids to show up and then I'll head out." Rock shook his head in agreement.

I read the boy's name tag next to Rock and took it upon myself to introduce them. I said, "Hi Jacob, this is my boy Rock, and Rock this boy's name is Jacob" Jacob jumped right in saying, "Hi Rock, do you want to be friends?" To which Rock replied holding up five fingers, "Yeah, but I'm only five." Jacob said, "That's ok, you are five and I'm six and we can still be friends." A huge smile spread across Rock's face. Jacob continued saying, "My best friend Hayden is going to be in our class too and when he gets here all three of us can be friends." My heart could barely take in what I was witnessing. Rock then leaned over to me and said, "Ok mom, I feel good now, you can leave."

As I drove away I was so grateful for how God showed up for Rock. God has shown up for me my whole life. I've still been plenty lonely and uncomfortable at times, but God brings people in these moments that have felt like He stepped into my house to give me a hug or He called me on the phone to tell me He was thinking of me. And yesterday I witnessed Him doing that for Rock. As Rock and Ever's mom I do my best to let them know how loved they are and how much they bring to this nutty world. I tell them they matter. I realized yesterday that more and more my kids will encounter situations that I cannot interject myself into, but that God indeed will show up for them. He will shock them with His love and make a way for them. God allows me to love my kids and He loves them all His own. This is a breath of grace for me to breathe.


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