Hope in Politics

Politics have me tense these days. And if I'm honest I've never been one to voluntarily enter into a political conversation. But this season feels particularly risky, our options split so severely. The line in the sand is drawn as the game unfolds before our eyes and ears through relentless media coverage. I strongly believe "there is nothing new under the sun", that the turmoil we are experiencing as a country is not so beyond repair. Humanity cannot keep itself together. God brings order and justice, not aligning with a certain political party.

In my heart I don't want an easy reason to not like someone. I don't want a label to define a human before I have the chance to get to know them. I don't like signing up for a fight by asking a political question or expressing a viewpoint. I find myself feeling strongly about Democratic issues and Republican issues, but there's no room to share or grow. These extremes leave me paralyzed and I fear being a person of inaction. I don't like the feeling that half of the country wins and half of the country loses after an election.

As I've been going about my days with a strange underlying feeling of uncertainty, God has lead me to read the book of Daniel. In just the first seven chapters I have found more peace and hope about God's presence in leadership. There will undoubtedly be corruption among leadership, where power and greed, and immorality are lurking to entice (all of us, really.), but God is not removed. Daniel is in a place of leadership among kings, who would be easy to hate because of the way they abused power, but time after time God uses Daniel to speak into situations that would make me want to faint or vomit or both. God's Spirit did wonders through Daniel to pierce through the political madness and expose God's place of authority.

I've decided that I am going to pray for the Daniel's God has already raised up in the Trump and Hillary parties. I've decided instead of fearing the outcomes I am going to trust that God will reshape and reform us beyond a president. The uncertainty in the world cannot be remedied by who runs our country, but by the God who sees all and knows all and loves all. I'm praying for leaders behind the media, who work in the White House, who hold a place in office to hear God's voice and bravely walk into situations to use the voice God has given them. Yes, I will vote. No, I don't know who I'm voting for yet. Yes, I will pray for unity and peace to stand firm against the hate and the crazy.


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