Sick Days

My boy got sick husband is gone till boy got up every 1.5 hours last night with a yucky nose and husband is gone till Saturday...I watched about 5 Baby Einstein movies in the middle of the husband is gone till Saturday. Hahaha, and on goes the list.

Man, the truth is, having a sick kiddo is the number one reason I wish my husband didn't travel. Yes there are days when I purely miss him because I miss him, and there are days when Rock wants his dada and I wish he was here to play with our boy, but sick days ARE THE WORST. The lack of sleep makes me cry about anything/everything and I'm not a crier...I feel helpless and start begging God for things. In hindsight it's kind of hilarious, but in the moment it's hellish.

Although Mr. Rock isn't quite better yet and I could end up having rough night #2, I wanted to include some highlights from the August 2010 fever that wouldn't break.

#1. Around 2 am last night Rock woke up and was uncontrollably crying for about 30 minutes. I was at a loss for what to we turned on another movie. At one point I started repeating out loud to my son "please stop crying, please stop crying, please stop crying." He proceeded to take his passy out of his mouth, turn to me, and give me the biggest most sympathetic kiss I've ever received. My heart melted and I thanked Jesus for that slobbery kiss.

#2. When I feel helpless and alone in my sorrows God uses beautiful friends to bring light to my heart. Friend Annie came over this afternoon and sat with sick man so I could walk down the street to get coffee and a sandwich. This is a big deal...BIG DEAL. While I was gone Rock peed all over her...what a good friend. Did I mention she listened to me cry for 20 minutes before I left??? Well, she did.

#3. Family and friends texted and emailed me with encouragement and prayer. If you ever have a friend in need voice to them you are there. It's a gift. I felt the prayers when I felt like pulling my hair out. I'm not bald because of you.



  1. Hi Sonnie! Jen (Baier) Sandvig here. I just have to let you know that I'm so glad you posted the link to your blog! I have some of the same problems with blogging--lack of motivation, worry about not finishing what I start, concern that I'm too honest--so I can totally relate to what you've written so far. Granted, I don't have a baby (you're a trooper!) but the thing I like about getting to connect with people over blogs is that it gives us more opportunities to be real with each other. Sometimes writing out what we're thinking is exactly what we (and probably some readers) need. So, keep up the writing, and know you're not alone! I hope Rock is feeling better. :]

  2. i'm so excited that you're blogging :)
    love u friend!!

  3. YOU'RE THE BEST. I can't wait to get home.


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