Sit with me...


I watched Secretariat last night and loved it. I honestly can't get enough of the horse racing movies. The underdog themes get me pretty much every time and I'm assuming they get a good portion of the population too. My hunch is that a great big handful of humans feel like the underdog in their own lives...just waiting for an opportunity to prove themselves, beat the odds, win a trophy, etc.

Secretariat is a little different though because the main character, other than the brilliant horse, is a house wife named Penny Chenery. A house wife calls the shots and believes in something MUCH bigger than herself. She then somehow convinces everyone else to believe in her and the horse as well. And then they strike gold...they win.

In the movie though Penny's husband is distant and doesn't seem to like her burst of enthusiasm for a horse and the potential to lose loads of money. I guess I can understand the fear he was feeling, seeing his wife start to take risks that could greatly affect him. His failure to come along side his wife in the adventure of a life time also made me sad. Now, I don't know what the "real" story is...the before Hollywood story. There are a lot a variables in a true story, some parts are left out to make characters more or less lovable to the audience. With all that said, I want to believe that I have what it takes to stand by the ones I love beyond my own insecurities and fears.

Yes, there may come a day where I'm presented with an opportunity to step up and change things bigger than me; a thought that my little heart desires and also scares that same heart to pieces. But I also want to know that if my husband or son or mom or friend were to step out to do something brave and probably risky that I would join them. That in my joining I could be excited and scared and honest, but above all lovingly present in those times.

If I'm not the one risking it all on a race horse I want to believe that I would at least have the guts to sit next to the risk taker and watch the race. Win or lose, I'd want them to know I believe in them.

And then I'd probably crap my pants because seriously...even though I already knew Secretariat wins the triple crown, my heart was beating SO fast I thought I was gonna pass out.

The End.


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