Moving in and Growing up

I've missed my blog, so instead of continuing to pack, I'm writing. We are moving today, 2 hours from now we'll be picking up the truck and loading our things into OUR FIRST HOME. Just one short month and a half ago I would have told you we were planning to rent a house, that we weren't ready to take the plunge into home ownership. And now, we own a beautiful home on a beautiful street. Our first home buying experience was cushioned with numerous tiny miracles. People were fighting for us to have this home and because people cared an enormous amount, I've been able to let my fears go. The mortgage, the things that break unexpectedly, the acknowledgement that owning a home is one more step into adulthood and beyond...they've been pushed aside and I feel ready to make this home ours. I'm ready to enjoy this house that literally is welcoming us with open arms (I don't think I'm allowed to say "literally" in this sentence, but oh well! Our house may have arms...who's to say?? :)

I took a drive last night all by myself, which just happens to be a treat. I drove from our rental place to our house. The drive was so quiet, the windows down, the Elizabethtown sound track playing gently out of the speakers. As a Tom Petty song effortlessly entered the scene, I was taken over by memories of summer time. I drove about 5 miles, bouncing over three different sets of train tracks. I love train tracks. I saw a small water tower and kids playing in a wide open field of green. I remembered times I spent in Moundridge Kansas as a girl...catching frogs and riding bikes with my grandpa. Wow, all these meaningful snippets filled my brain and my heart soared a little. I felt a rush of energy as I thought about making memories with Rock. This house being the place he remembers anything for the first time.

God knows the plans that He has for us and as I drove to our house I knew peace. I know life doesn't happen as it should half the time, but I was gently reminded of what goodness feels like in the purest of forms.

Thank you Jesus for our new house
And thank you for being the definition of good


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  2. Hey you! I was wondering when you were moving in! My friend Scott lives right across the street, and I was over there on Sunday. We had dinner on the front porch and I was just enjoying what a fantastic little street it is as I stared at your new front porch! You guys are lucky! So excited for you!!! (this is emily k... not sure if that will come thru...)

  3. YAHOO!!! congratulations on your home. YOUR own it!! How wonderful. i love the verse proverbs 24:3 wisdom a house is built and through understanding it is established..through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures".
    May His Spirit fill your home as He has filled your hearts..leading you to establish it and give you knowledge of where to place the rare and beautiful treasures...


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