How I fell off the Wagon

My blog has been all but forgotten these last couple of months. I've had lingering thoughts in the back of my mind...thinking about this blog, feeling sorry for my blog, wanting so badly to ask it to wait a few more days before it decides to give up on me forever. The truth of the matter is, I've been missing out on a lot of things these last couple of months...not just the poor ole' blog.

I've missed going away parties, birthday parties, date nights, and lunch dates. I've been sick...sick with morning sickness (aka...sick all the time sickness/I wish it was only morning sickness). Because yes, baby Shay #2 is on it's way! We are incredibly excited to expand our family of three to a family of four. The feelings of excitement are very new to me in the context of having a baby...Rock was a surprise and I was dead set on forgetting I was pregnant every minute possible. That is, of course, until I was about 7 months in and my belly wouldn't let me forget :) God was so faithful and near to me in my motherhood resistance and insecurities. But this time we were hoping for a lovely plus sign on the pregnancy test.

We closed on our new home on May 2nd and moved in on May 10th. After a crazy hot day of lifting and moving and sweating more than we could drink, I put Rock to bed and went to take a pregnancy test. I figured it would be easy to remember when I took the test given the fact that it was our moving day. And yes, it was positive...I was gloriously happy...until about week 7.

I finally think the worst is over/I'm hoping and praying it's over. I've thrown up more times in the past 7 weeks than I have in all of my 20's combined. And people, I am not a easy vomiter...I do WHATEVER it takes to not throw up...and I haven't been able to do a darn thing about keeping things down. Blah times a million!

So, as I'm learning to trust food again, looking at meals as more than a manipulating enemy, I'm still deep down excited about this baby. I know full well that pregnancy, birth, and life are fragile. I'm oddly aware that at no point have I safely made it in life. Phil, Rock, this little one, and I are not in control...we are dependent on God's presence and His purpose.

Baby Shay #2 is set to arrive around January 12th 2012.

Life just keeps comin' at us!

And here are a couple recent pics...just for fun!

Rock's 2nd Birthday!

Rock was gifted this great guitar a couple days ago and he LOVES it!!

Just every day buddies :)



  1. congrats, Sonnie! I'll be praying the morning sickness will subside. You are such a cute prego woman! Do we ever get to see pics of the new house??

  2. Congratulations! That is the same due date as our second. :)

  3. And, sorry you have been sick. Donna can commiserate with you...she has also been miserable since about 7 wks.

  4. oh girl....SO sorry you are sick. i was so sick with Amos too...throwing up is the WORST!!!! glad that slowly and surely food wont be the " manipulating enemy" anymore. You are great with words girl. Little Shay #2 will be worth it...just hang on mama...(to the food too..haha)Its really not funny though. i laugh now, but i KNOW its no joke when you're hugging the toilet. i will say a prayer. Happy Birthday to ROCK. i know August is coming and will call you


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