My mess, our messes

Today was a bit long in the Shay house hold. It wasn't a bad day really...the minutes just felt hours behind and by about 5pm I was DONE. Being DONE isn't an option when you're mothering a two year old, so I whined a bit, "had to go to the bathroom" more often then I really needed too (in case you aren't a parent...that's what we do to get our "smoke" breaks during our work day), and then I finally pulled it together. Rock and I ended the evening by playing a little golf in the back yard with some thrift store golf clubs and an oversized blue ball. Rock's swing is improving and I'm so proud :)

After the little man was sound asleep I ended up blowing a fuse while blow drying my hair, so that was very cliche and took about 20 minutes for me to figure it out thanks to my dad being on the line helping me be a home owner! Once the shenanigans were fixed I sat down and watched the movie "It's Kind of a Funny Story". I didn't have very high expectations considering I've had horrible judgement in Netflix movies lately, but thank heavens...this movie was a catch and a half.

It was a simple story with complex characters and I felt like I understood it right from the get go. Life is weird and hard and I don't know why adults try to explain the heck out of it. I'm realizing, as I'm living in the middle of the mess, that messes are everywhere and involve everyone. We don't have to pretend they aren't there and we can break our coping mechanism's that cause us to do and act in unexplainable ways. The weird things we hold onto that other people look at and know they're not quite right...especially the people who love us, they see these behaviors and know they don't belong in us.

In my short adult life I've felt pretty passionately about resolving conflict and living in freedom. I had some break throughs early on that caused me to hunker down and fight with life. There were days and places that took me to the feet of Jesus and He was all there was. He asked me in those places to keep ripping through my own dysfunction and He asked me every day to trust Him. These, to date, were the hardest days of my life, but they brought me to a place of understanding that truly have no value.

We all hurt, we all know what it feels like to be lonely and depressed and that's's part of our make-up. And I loved this movie because the characters reinforced that life is too much for all of us, but working it out with a little art, a little music, a little ping-pong, and a lot of hard, honest conversations goes a long way. And real relationships are completely necessary.

Yes, I loved the movie and I love that we're all a little messed up.

Yes, Yes, Yes :)


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