And Then the Wedding Photographer Whipped Out a Basketball

Phil and I were young-ins when we got married. And me being one of nine children (one of five girls) I was genuinely shocked that my parents had any money to offer us for our wedding. I was blown-away thankful for our baby-sized budget.

That being said it was difficult for us to know where to put our money and where to skimp. My parents had some friends who were interested in getting into wedding photography and they had mentioned that they would be up for doing our wedding for free since it would be their first wedding (red flag right?). The price tag sounded about perfect and without much thought about the quality or creative direction these photos could possibly go, we said, "We'll take it."

Fast forward about six months later to our Friday afternoon wedding day. We had purchased black Chuck Taylors for our grooms men thinking it'd be fun for them to wear the shoes during the reception. Our photographer on the other hand took these gifts as a cue that we were apparently basketball fans (I mean, guys wore converse high-tops in the 1950's right? Not 2006). I was emotionally wiped by the time the wedding photographer whipped out a lovely Huffy basketball for my bridesmaids and I to pose with. Dazed and confused I had NO idea at the time why in the world the basketball had made it's way to our wedding, especially since neither Phil or I had played on an organized basketball team in our lives and we weren't anywhere near mediocre fans of the sport (except UK basketball in March :).

As my equally confused sisters, friends, and sister-in-laws stared at me wondering what to do, I shrugged my shoulders and said go with it. The photographer instructed us to give him sass. He wanted us to prove to the boys (who had apparently already posed with the basketball) that anything boys can do, girls can do better. And so, we did.

Before Phil and I knew what the term hipster meant and before we realized people pay the big bucks to get high quality, jaw dropping wedding photos; we payed nothing and got these gems. I kind of love them. I love that our wedding was God's day and that our photos could contend for a spot in Awkward Family Photos. Please enjoy.

The vault has been opened:

Look at Phil, my All-American


WNBA, watch out (what is happening in this photo?)

I cannot look at this photo without laughing. My sisters to the right look exactly the way we were all feeling. And about 10 minutes after this picture was taken I walked down the aisle to marry my slam-dunk of a man.

The End.


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