Chicken Enchiladas

Some people might be expecting a food blog with a knock-out recipe for Chicken Enchiladas. Well, the good Lord and Phil know all to well that a post about the best dinner I've ever made will probably never happen because almost every evening I huff and puff around the kitchen to make very mediocre meals. So, there's that.

But there is a good reason I've been scarfing down left over Chicken Enchiladas at 10am for the past week.

Y'all, the Shay's are bringing an enchilada loving third child into the world. Raise the roof, do a little dance, and pray for us, and pray for us :)

I saw the little nugget at an early ultrasound today. At a little over 13 weeks, baby was moving and shaking and looked more like a baby than I was expecting.

Some might call this pregnancy an accident or a surprise, but I haven't been able to put my finger on what I would call it. I've found myself slightly numb at the thought of having #3. I've found myself feeling like I'm not qualified for this promotion, that two kids was feeling comfortable (and there were still meltdowns involved), but three is big and I am small.

Seeing our baby today brought me a slice of unexpected joy and I am grateful for how God allows me to feel His presence when many times I opt for not feeling anything at all. I love our family and I believe He will give us what we need to expand and love when we didn't know we could.

January 2015, get ready to meet a new human being, a new Shay, a new breath that will bring a bit of heaven with them to our world.


  1. OK I may be leaving this comment twice but I am risking it because I want to tell you guys (1) this was beautiful to read and (2) the chicken you grilled for us was absolutely not mediocre and (3) a third Shay! Sonnie! You guys make such beautiful babies I think you should have as many as possible. Haha I can say that because I don't know what it's like. Seriously though. Congratulations!


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