Ooooopsies....I took a break.

Well folks, I'm stating the obvious here, I took a blogging break. A two week unintentional break came upon me...believe me I would have told you a head of time if I knew I would neglect my blog for so long. I don't have anything profound to report. There haven't been any major revelations that have kept me up at night.

To be honest my mind has grown bigger than my skull can handle, considering all the recent questions that have decided to fill my brain cavity to capacity (say cavity to capacity 10 times fast). Yikes. Answers have been limited to these ever growing questions and I haven't felt much ground to write about anything worthy of sharing. The creative writing/creative thinking class I've been taking on Tuesdays has given me more in-depth ideas to think about since college days. And I'm pretty sure the things I was deeply thinking about in college weren't this life changing (my degree was in Recreation for goodness sake!).

With all that said, this morning class was all about living in the questions and actually loving the questions. I'm trying to grasp the idea of letting the questions "be" because in all honesty at this very moment I may not be able to handle the answer. The thought is along the same lines as living the process, not hurrying to the result.

At this moment I'm feeling relieved with the windows in our little place wide open and the thought that solid answers don't equal contentment. I'm so ready to let my mind rest and be content in the questions, knowing my heart is going to be taken care of by Jesus.

Without going into too much detail the last two weeks have been full, deep, and sweet. Every day Rock is becoming my favorite little person all over again. He is so smart and gentle and is picking up little words and mannerisms that crack me up. Don't get me wrong, there are still MANY times where he tries to tell me something with such certainty and I have NO clue what he is's the best when he uses hand gestures with his foreign words and phrases. We've been attacked by Pixar lately. Rock's favorite movies being Toy Story (1, 2, and 3), Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc. His love for these characters came earlier than I expected!

My AMAZING friend Sally came to visit last week as well. She was in my wedding 5 years ago and we hadn't seen each other since. We talk on the phone frequently, but having her here felt completely like a dream. We stayed up past 1am every night she was here and I am still catching up on sleep considering Rock man is up and ready at 7am every day. Don't worry Sal, it was totally worth it!

I went to my first ever hockey game and had a blast. I had no idea my heart needed to hear all those old school professional arena jams...good times.

And Phil is amazing as usual. We're pressing in together and I can't say enough how thankful I am that we can say the hard things to each other. I can't say enough how much of a gift it is that after an argument we can hold each others hands with tears streaming, knowing our love reaches deeper than the moments of frustration and fear. And touring is picking up again very soon. If you get a moment we'd love your prayers as Phil is going to be gone more often through out the Spring.

The End...for today :)


  1. i am trying to say "cavity to capacity" 10 times real fast at the moment.


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