I Want to Write

I'm getting back in the saddle folks. I've neglected my pony for too long. It's time I go visit the stable, saddle up my horse, and ride.

I do love horses for real and I miss the creatures dearly (haven't ridden since my teen years), but the analogies above are directed to me sitting my tush down and writing once again.

Right now I'm writing for my own desire. I hope to get better at what I love. I want to write stories and thoughts and just maybe they will be of value to someone else. I'm not a singer, a cook, an artist, a craft lover, or a piano (insert any instrument) player. But I'm finding that writing is my art and I've let it go for a time.

Recently my husband (Phil), friends, and simple yet steady prodding's from the Good Lord have encouraged me to write again. In the middle of life and the whirlwinds that accompany it (aka children waking and needing until we are all blue in the face and Phil asking for foot rubs every night :) I'm going to enjoy these letters, sentences, and paragraphs yet again.

Ride Em' Cowboy.


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