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Many of you already know this, but my husband, Phil, is the Development Director for Abolition International. Abolition is a growing organization that works to fight sex trafficking involving minors here in the USA. Their website has more detail so feel free to check it out here

Tomorrow night they are putting on their major fund raising event, Night of Freedom. Phil has been the main man, planning this event since the Spring with a committed team of volunteers and other staff members along side of him. This night holds significant weight and I want to ask anyone who feels God's Spirit to pray.

I have watched Phil pour his heart and soul into this event. But at the end of the ever growing list of details, he and I both know the details mean nothing; even the money given means nothing if God is not the heart and soul of what is happening. Sex trafficking is nothing new and to the sadness of humanity sexual abuse and slavery is happening now. We are all affected. We all NEED love...the Jesus kind of love that is accepting and real and safe. None of us at our core want darkness, manipulation, and exploitation. We are the same.

Tomorrow night feels bigger than Phil or I, it feels bigger than Abolition International. God has something to say and we want the night to cultivate ready hearts to hear what He's doing. I want to ask anyone willing to pray a wind of God's Spirit over today and tomorrow. Phil and I together have prayed for unity and an outpouring of love beyond status or checkbooks.

The darkness surrounding our bodies and sexuality needs powerful light. In my small reach I want to beg God with open hands to redeem and restore.


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