We Are Good and We Need Breaks

I didn't want to be a mama today. Phil and I were up late, celebrating a Friday night out of the house. You'd think after a date I'd feel full and ready for a sweet Saturday with my growing babies, but I woke up frazzled and dazed all at the same time.

Between four year old, Rock, and one and a half year old, Ever, within thirty minutes of getting out of bed I had become a full service restaurant, personal assistant, play-mate, referee, entertainment consultant, and wiper of noses, spills, and tushies. This scene is not much different than most mornings, but for some reason I was fighting my kids' neediness with my own selfishness. And we were all losing.

I was having to fight my urge to escape, to check out. When things get overwhelming I tend to think ANYWHERE else is better than here. In step with God's graciousness I was able to step away for a couple of hours this afternoon while Phil watched the nuggets. I did the coffee shop thing with a book, journal, pen, computer, and Bible and the mommy scales began to fall away. There wasn't anything particularly profound about my time away except that I let myself be and God reminded me that I am good.

We all need to know that we are good. That our selfishness isn't our true heart. Jesus inside of us makes us better than we can muster on any given day. Taking a break and letting God enter in as my Father helped me enter back into this Saturday with Rock and Ever and be a better mama.

The day was redeemed. Amen.


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