Hunter Rain Boots

Well folks, one of my most treasured Christmas presents this year was a pair of black Hunter rain boots. I feel so typical and trendy now. Phil found them for a GREAT deal in his usual treasure hunting/beating the retail system ways and talked his mom into buying them for me for Christmas. I put them on and instantly never wanted to take them off and in the next breath looked at Phil with shrugged shoulders and said, "Can I actually wear these in public? Does it look like I'm trying too hard to be cool?" :) He laughed at me.

Phil and I have had multiple conversations about how items that were created for function are now, in our culture, purposed for fashion. Riding boots were made for riding horses, but most people don't wear them to go riding. Hunter rain boots are made in England for all the rainy/snowy days people deal with on a regular basis over there and now they have also made their way into fashion magazines all over. So, we're allowed to wear them whenever.

I've attempted to be practical in wearing my Hunter boots here in Nashville. Hallelujah, we've had some rainy days since Christmas and I've clunked around in them. I slip them on to get the mail. One of my most favorite practical uses have been wearing them while I do laundry in the basement with all the puddling that goes on down there. I used to get my socks wet ALL THE TIME, but not anymore.

I've also worn them to church, for no good reason, and I laughed at myself the whole morning.

Rock puts them on and they become boot pants. I love it.

I'm wearing them as I type away and they kind of feel like friends for my feet. I like them and even though I may fight through lame insecurities as I wear them around town, I think they are going to serve me well in both fashion and function :)

Anyone out there feel insecure about wearing certain things, but wear them anyway?? I'd love to hear it.


  1. You are just as adorable now as you were in 03' at SpringHill! xoxox

    1. Laura…you are kind :) You and your hubby have two little ones now too right? That SpringHill summer holds some of the best memories of my life.


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