San Diego Chronicles

Of course I popped awake at 4:30am this morning very ready to take Rock to school back in Nashville where it was 6:30am. I had no luck falling back to sleep, so now I'm at Starbucks at 1:50 in the afternoon sucking down an ice coffee before I check into my hotel to take a nap. We'll see how that works out.

My parents live 45 miles up the mountain from Point Loma where the conference is being held. There was a blogger breakfast at 9am, so I left my parents at 7:15am. It took me 2 hours to get down the mountain to the shuttle, which was to take me to my final destination. A little rain and a couple of car accidents started my day with lots of stop and go. The shuttle hung out for twenty minutes waiting for other passengers, the conference registration line snaked longer than I expected, and I was an hour late to the blogger breakfast (which actually meant buy some breakfast and bring it to the session, but I thought they were providing breakfast, so no breakfast for me).

After the session I packed up to go meet my brother and almost sister-in-law for lunch. On my way there I felt like I was in a Snickers commercial, so hungry that I was turning into a different person. I felt like hulk smashing people and things. Luckily the feeling wasn't followed by any action and after some enchiladas and chips and salsa I'm ok now.

Although the day has been a bit more rocky than I anticipated there are some things I am very grateful for. I'm grateful for the Foster the People CD that I found in my parent's van. I think I have my little sister, Jaycie, and my little brother, Haddon, to thank for that. God bless them. I'm thankful that lots of strangers told me they liked my royal blue raincoat with little mint colored birds printed on it. The compliments were very nice. I am thankful that I met two lovely women in their 50's who are also a part of the Storyline conference. One of them resembled Emma Thompson from Saving Mr. Banks and she was even using a Mary Poppins umbrella with a bird face handle. She's in the middle of writing a book about her own Mary Poppins experience, which I thought was a beautiful coincidence.

I've been learning how to take care of myself in the middle on my mom days, and now I'm learning how to take care of myself when I'm by myself. It's weird how different both worlds feel. I'm seeing Anne Lamont tonight and my hopes are high. My poofy/frizzy beach hair is high too, high on life.

Good thing I already have a husband ;)


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