Home from Storyline

I stepped off of a plane last Tuesday afternoon. It's been a whole week since I gave the city of Nashville a figurative hug from the sky as it welcomed me home from San Diego. I am so happy to have a home I can't wait to get back to. My husband, babies, and a southern teeter-totter Spring poking through give me deep breaths. Deep filling breaths.

Storyline was wonderful. The speakers made me think and made me cry. As much as I fought the lies that my story probably doesn't matter much in a room full of 1700 people, I'm home with a solid belief that there's a rhythm, a pulse, that I belong to. God's story is beating in me. For a very long time I have believed that once I became a mother that was all I was ever going to be, which felt noble but so very disappointing. And since I've been seeing a counselor regularly for seven months this lie has been cracking. So many lies and hurts have been cracking, shriveling, losing their ground. And Storyline planted more seeds in my tilled up heart.

Since I've been home I haven't found one spare moment to crack open my Storyline binder. My mama duties, two part-time jobs, a house to care for, meals to make, a traveling on and off husband, and a sweet 14 year old visiting sister have taken my time. But busyness won't continue to dictate. I will sit and process the conference even if it takes me the rest of 2014 to get through all the goodness I encountered.

And as God reveals Himself, I'll share what He shares.


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