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This road life is nuts. I am in the middle of 5 days on the road with my man and I am having quite the experience. I flew from Phoenix to Portland, hopped on the bus at the Portland airport, and headed to Lincoln City...a little town on the coast where Phil and I just happened to honeymoon almost five years ago. I am now in Seattle for the first time in my life and am sitting in the oldest theatre in the city as the crew gets ready for sound check. Jumping into my husband's world is something I have hoped to do for a while now...knowing the people and the places, routines and frustrations, attitudes and personalities. I thrive on this stuff.

Lincoln City will forever be etched on my memory as the place of incredible wonder. The town in and of itself isn't much to marvel at, but I think that makes the ocean that much more attractive. Who wants to be inside when the waves are crashing and the sand is still? Phil and I woke up beside each other in bed, laying side-by-side, and were able to take our time. Chit chatting and smiling, thinking about Rock and dreaming for our family. After our morning pow wow I put my Chaco's on accompanied by my warm coat and headed to the beach with my man. We held cups of coffee that warmed our hands and walked for miles. The waves were relentless and grey with bright green hills in the distance and dark brown rocks surrounding us. After 2.5 hours of walking and talking the scenery never got old...never. I felt as though God was stitching memories directly on my heart and that morning, just a day ago, is one I hope to never forget.

I could probably write about scenery for pages, but I should probably push through that urge...especially since I don't have pictures to share at this moment. While being on the road I've been trying my best to stay out of the way and help with whatever at the same time. Sometimes its felt painfully awkward and other times I've met some needs almost seamlessly. I helped sell Merch last night and it was a dang good time. Fast paced and simple..."You wanna cd??? Boom, you got it. You wanna t-shirt??? Just give me your monies!" Hahaha. Something like that.

So...there's a show tonight in Seattle and then we have 2 full days off together in this beautiful city before I go back to Phoenix to pick up my sweet boy. As much fun as I'm having, I also don't think I've ever been as excited to get home from a vacation. Thank you Rock Shay for always giving me something to look forward to! Hugging your sweet little body is one of the best things ever. And even though I've been allowed the chance to enter in to Phil's world I know things have been tweaked a bit in my presence. Given the fact that I was the lone woman riding on the crew guys bus...I've been apologized to for every curse word they say in front of me and on more than one occasion a guy has ventured to the front of the bus to roll down the window to fart. Um....hilarious.

Phil works hard and it's difficult on many levels to be a part so much, but we've both been reminded at what a special job this really is...and for 5 days the hard stuff has been put on hold.

I'll get some pictures up soon!!


  1. Yeah for pictures (I love pictures:) and Rock is doing great but misses his momma!


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