Month of Insanity!

November has been almost non-existent for me this year. I went from Halloween to Thanksgiving without blinking. The in between has been a myriad of places and scenes which have been mostly life giving...more than anything there has been a depth to my last month. Some things I didn't want to have to go through, but I did and I am right now and part of myself is proud and another part feels really vulnerable. I wanted to take the time to recap my last month in pictures this time around. I didn't document everything as I went, but I did my best (I'm mostly using Phil's pictures because the percent of photographer that runs in my blood is about 2%)

-Rock was a cowboy for Halloween :)

-We went to AZ from November 2nd through the 21st. We were all over the place while we were there. Going to the zoo, multiple parks, malls, seeing friends...Rock had such a blast that most nights he would wake up for a couple hours around midnight to 2am cause he couldn't contain his excitement. I, most days, was a zombie.

(Rock screamed his head off right after the carousel started. Poor kid...I tried to pick him up off of the gorilla, but the ride attendant yelled at me over the intercom. The ride was rather traumatic regardless of the picture :)

(Riding a little train with Aunt Jaycie!)

(Playing piano and guitar with Uncle Brady was a highlight in Rock's little world...I kinda liked it too.)

-I then went on a solo adventure to meet up with Phil in Lincoln City, Oregon where the band he's working for had a couple shows. We honeymooned here and the giddy feelings of being newly married came back rather quickly once I got there. God was incredibly present for me at this place. The ocean was bigger and better than most things I see on a daily basis.

(Phil and I want to buy this place someday...dreamin.)

-Next up.....Seattle! I was able to ride the bus from Lincoln City to Seattle and it was my first overnight trip. Not horrible, not awful...I was riding the crew bus so it was me and 10 other crew/band guys. I mostly felt like I was at camp...sleeping so close to people I barely knew. Again, weird, but not horrible!

(Flowers we bought at the market for our hotel room...they were 10 bucks! Crazy deal)

(Our hotel offered complimentary goldfish by request, so this is our friend Chris...he was great company)

(Clover coffee served at Starbucks was AH-MAZING! Basically it made a french pressed cup of coffee in a matter of seconds. So good! I have to thank my brother-in-law Jake for telling us about this before we got there. Delicious)

(I am sitting in Phil's "guitar world" during sound check. I love watching my man work!)

-Bainbridge Island was an incredible highlight of our Seattle trip. A 35 minute ferry ride from Seattle landed us on this gorgeous piece of land. We felt like we stepped into a movie and couldn't wipe the lame grins off of our faces the entire time we were there.


(THE BEST clam chowder (I substituted salmon for the clams...ooooopsies) I have ever had. Holy goodness this place was a complete escape. The pear cider was pretty perfect as well) back to AZ to pick up my little man and from there we flew back to Nashville, picked Phil up from bus call later that evening and a day and a half later drove to Knoxville for Thanksgiving with my older brother who is going to Law School at UT.

(Rock's first time watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! I'm proud)

(Our attempt at taking a family photo. Rock was NOT having be continued)

(Yep...this horribly sad face is all because he didn't want to take a family picture. Poor buddy)

(A couple days after Thanksgiving we went to the UT vs. UK game. It was my first college football experience and I loved it!)

AND THERE WE HAVE IT! I'm guessing at this point most people could care less about my insane month of November, but I needed to get it off my chest. I went places, I slept little, I saw family, I missed Nashville, and now I'm home...listening to Christmas music.

I hope this month has been rich and meaningful for you too!

They come and go so quickly (I am old for saying that :)


  1. i LOVE this - i feel like i was right there with you!
    ps i spy a fashionABLE scarf ;)

  2. Love all the photos, and places, and faces shared here....(esp the one of Rock crying...he looks cute even when he's crying) had a FULL november.


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