Pennies have been good to me...

Actually...pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters have been good to me! I have this thing for counting change that started when I was a little thing. I lived on camp conference centers growing up and my mom was always in charge of the soda machines around camp. She would fill them with cans of soda when the stock was low and she'd collect the change in each machine. I remember her bringing a bag of change home about once a week for my siblings and I to help her count. We'd pour the monies all over the floor and count it up. I LOVED this weekly chore! At that time in my life if someone would have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I'd proudly yell, "a change counter!!!!" It's definitely a sweet memory for me.

Little did I know that my husband was quite the change collector in his high school and college days. When he moved to Arizona he had this huge water jug about half way full of change that he had been collecting for years. And...after I convinced him I didn't need a $5,000.00 wedding ring he decided we could get married after all. I remember him inviting all of my siblings into the living room and he poured out the entire contents of the water jug. Sparkly coins everywhere. I joined in and we counted and rolled all the coins. To my surprise he ended up using this money to pay for half of my wedding ring. During one of his lunch breaks at work that week, he carried the water jug full of rolled coins to the bank and dumped them on the counter. I love that this is a part of our story.

And today I found myself emptying more coins from that same water jug to count up to contribute to our little boy's college fund. It felt funny at times, to sit on our living room floor while Rock was napping and count the puny little pennies with the thought of investing a small amount for his future. But there's such a sweetness about it. I love the thought that every little bit counts. That over time these meaningless coins can be collected to purchase beautiful things. And I had fun, sitting on the floor listening to music while counting change...remembering my childhood, my engagement ring, and the fact that Rock's future is securely in God's hands.

Oh, the little things!


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