Springtime...Please Sing!

I am fairly new to this whole season thing. Living in Arizona for 8 years before moving to Nashville has erased any memory of living with true seasons. I am amazed at how the seasons affect me. Right now in the transition from Winter to Spring I'm sensing an obvious back and forth from longing to contentment as I watch the weather go from one season to the other on a daily basis. I am ever so ready to accept the gift of Spring weather. I am ready for the sights and smells of nature exploding into life. I am ready to shed my layers and let my skin breathe a little. I am ready for t-shirts, flip flops, and shorts to be my daily wardrobe choices. And my heart is ready too...my heart longs to see the beauty of God himself and the obvious art He placed in me and the other billion people on earth. Some words came flowing out of me the other day as I thought about this topic. It's just a little snippet of where I'm at right now...enjoy :)

The labor pains for Spring have begun
The back and forth from light to haze,
damp to crisp, barren to beautiful
It's happening right now
The expectation of a season to end and new earth to begin
Feels ever so connected to my heart
I can't shake the weather
Outside makes me feel you so keenly
My heart holds hope that with comforting weather
There may be comforting circumstances too
That life will make some sense without the cold
That happy times aren't a trick
But a gift straight out of your hand
The Father of Lights
That dark times bring further joy when the light
Finally comes


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