Climbing Mountains (just to fall off of them)

This week has been the definition of an emotional roller coaster. If I'm honest with myself the last couple months have been as well. The extremes in my life are starting to take an obvious toll and I'm not quite sure how to get off the ride.

This week in particular has been filled with major contentment followed by mini life crisis. Laughing and being goofy, followed by deep heaving tears and snap of the finger frustrations. What is going on??

Recently I've felt God leading me into areas of excitement and hope. I'm starting to see certain passions and desires arise that remind me I'm made for something. There are "bigger than myself" feelings as I let myself wonder and think logistically and spiritually. In the midst of this spark I've started to feel weak, overloaded, and incredibly emotional. I'm reading multiple books that challenge me and I'm also crying over spilled milk and the thought of making meal plans.

The good and the bad are so intertwined into my day that I am having trouble seeing at all. I want my hope in Jesus to be unwavering and I want to go spend a day at the lake.

Sound good??? :)


  1. Yes, That sounds amazing.
    I'll plan lunch
    You bring the awesome
    Best. Lake. Day. Ever.


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