Laying Low...

I have a slight smile on my face now that we are past the weekend. Was the story about Rock's blowout funny???? Maybe...but what followed was 4 days of questionable #2's from my baby boy. This kept me somewhat isolated, even more isolated than normal. Bums central. I also watched "Dear John" by my lonesome...BIG depressing mistake. I thought I could handle the movie if the main character died, but he didn't and things were heart wrenchingly painful in other ways. I was not prepared for that!

I did have some redeeming little get-togethers that saved me...mentally and emotionally. Geez I sound dramatic...I am dramatic.

In the midst of the abundant quiet hours this weekend I ended up reading quite a bit. I've been reading a couple books lately that bring me joy and blow up my brain...good combo's in my opinion :) One of those books is called "Bittersweet" by Shauna Niequist. This is her second book following her first called "Cold Tangerines". Both of Shauna's books are filled with short stories, thoughts, letters, and experiences from her life. Some of the chapters are simple and sweet while others are thought provoking and filled with hope. "Bittersweet" has met me when my life feels very dark and light at the same time. It's met me where I am.

Shauna LOVES food (cooking, dinner parties, etc.) and writes a lot about the subject. I've had a bit of difficulty connecting on the food level, but other than that I've been deeply encouraged and engaged...something my life needs. I read a chapter today about marriage called "A Blessing for a Bride" and it reminded me why marriage is a gift even though Phil and I have been missing each other a bit. I felt like I was handed a lovely little dose of thankful with a bow wrapped around it.

On a different note my good friend Marisa is hosting a Bittersweet Brunch in Nashville on November 20th. Shauna Niequist will be coming to Edgehill Cafe as a part of her book tour and any beautiful women out there who live in Nashville are invited.'s free. Dang! I am going to be out of town until November 21st and am beyond sad that I will be missing this, but I wanted to put the invite out there. I don't think you will be sorry if you pop in and sit for a while! The brunch is from 10am to Noon on Saturday the 20th. And Edgehill Cafe is SUPER cute and SUPER redone.

I'll remind you all about the event the week of!



  1. oh..i just wrote a comment that got erased..but basicly...i love this you girl. Glad you found some quiet joy in the midst of Rock being kinda sick. You;re gone till Nov 21st?

  2. yay for shauna! boo for you missing the 20th. love u though & so glad you're enjoying the book :) xoxo


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