Taking good breath's

The last few days have been still and full. Phil has been home since Sunday morning, the fall air has settle upon us, and Rock is becoming more of himself now that he gets to romp around outside. I swear he owns the place.

There hasn't been anything mind shattering or earth tilting about the beginning of this week. Just simple things that have reminded me how good it is just to breathe sometimes. I forget the gift of a breath so easily.

The weekend started with free outdoor events including music and dancing, friends and food. A group of young parents including myself sat on a cluster of blankets while our kiddos ate too many snacks before dinner and ran circles around us as we tried to have complete conversations. Rock and I then picked Phil up at glorious bus call early Sunday morning...early enough to go to church together. I found myself snuggling up next to Phil as scripture was read and felt so secure...gazing through the panels of stained glass.

Our Monday and Tuesday followed with playing ball outside for hours as Phil worked on his scooter. At one point Phil took a break and threw a tennis ball with me off of our roof. Rock watched and died laughing every time I missed the ball. I felt like I was a kid again. After the ball throwing Rock wandered around our yard stomping on dead leaves cause the sound is AWESOME :) I watched him from a distance and heard God whisper, "Take this in Sonnie...take it all in."

Phil and I have begun a deep clean of our place, which means going through lots of old treasures and junk. We laughed a crazy amount looking through early high school/college items we've hung onto. Brief moments popped up and I felt like we were dating again.

These last three days have been uneventful by busyness standards and I've found myself oddly satisfied. Oddly aware of the good things in my life. I can't stop smiling as I type this out...beautiful!


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