Nashville to Asheville

Phil has been home the past 9 days and we have literally been swarmed by busyness on all sides. Phil's sister Liz came down from Ohio to visit with her miniature man, 4 month old Gideon. We ate good food that we made in our kitchen and went on walks...a little garage sale-ing may have happened as well...and Phil may have stepped in dog poop inside at an estate sale and tracked it around the house. Who knows???

The day after our lovely guests left, our little clan took off toward Asheville, NC for a wedding. This wedding makes me so happy just thinking about of those kind! We drove through Knoxville, TN where my big bro and his wifey live. We met them for lunch at Chick-fil-a...this little visit filled my heart. These two LOVE Rock and it puts me at ease the minute I see them.

Onward to Asheville!!! I believe fall is beautiful everywhere, but the fall looks especially good on Asheville. I couldn't help but think about heaven as we drove through the hills and painted trees.

Before the wedding we took the afternoon to walk around downtown with Rock on our backs...he thinks the back pack is cool for about 30 minutes and then he realizes he's lost all control over where he wants to go. After that point it felt like I had a caged animal on my back. As I purposefully ignored the screeching child two inches from my ears, I was able to enjoy glimpses of this distinct downtown. The streets are busy, but still very laid's a breathe deep place for sure.

And then came the wedding. This wedding was breath taking for me on many levels. Our friend Jeremy has been a part of Phil's life since freshman year of college and he and his family welcomed me with open arms after Phil and I met. Phil and Jeremy's friendship is the kind where it doesn't matter how much time has passed since they have talked...the minute they pick up the phone it's as if no time has passed at all. We really love Jeremy...and I think we will for life, which is a rare and special thing. We hadn't met his girlfriend, then fiance, and now wife until the wedding, but that didn't matter. It's obvious that Jeremy loves her to pieces and that's enough for us.

The wedding was outside, late Sunday afternoon. There was a gazebo with ivy wrapped around, candles, green grass, breezy trees, and horses in the pasture next door. On top of the obvious beauty there were also about 20 kids attending the wedding between the infant stages to about 5 years old. This was a welcomed sight to my eyes and heart...knowing that if Rock got squirmy during the service I could walk away with him and not feel daggers being thrown at my back (sorry...I had to have at least one overly dramatic comment, thank you).

I think sometimes weddings are weddings, but this one was different. The new love and joy radiated off of Jeremy and Karissa in a way that reminded me how life-giving love is...from my God, my husband, friends, and family. Love is the best. And that's all I have to say, about that!

Here's a glimpse.


  1. love your thoughts, and love that last pic!! the movement is beautiful...

  2. Thanks Sonj!!!! I/we have missed you and Mr. Finn! Can't wait to see ya.

  3. You guys can't be any more beautiful than you are! Holy toleeto. So soo soooo good looking!!!!!!


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