I wish Forest Gump was my friend.

A rather famous story of my life thus far has to do with Forest Gump. My parents loved the story and heart of the movie, but were hesitant to let me or my siblings watch it without editing out certain parts (I was a home schooled child). I ended up watching a version of Forest Gump that had been taped off of a TV showing (somewhat edited) and then further edited from my professional morally aware parents. I watched this version of the movie for a LONG time.

Phil and I registered for the movie on our "marriage essentials" wedding registry. And alas, the first time I saw the non-double-edited version was when I was a married adult. I was mortified as many of you can imagine. Haha...after claiming Forest Gump was my favorite movie from the time I was 12 until 20, I couldn't believe how much of the story I had missed.

I understand my parents' need to hide the dirty or hard to watch parts from my young eyes. The thing that consistently hit home in my heart, whether edited or not, was that Forest Gump loved big, all the time. I was amazed even more after watching the true version how much the poor guy went through and how much he kept going, kept living, kept loving. I was inspired when I was 12 and every time I have watched it since.

I have had a bit of a difficult time figuring out what 2011 holds for my life, my heart. I've felt a little dry and dull in these first couple days of the new year...fearing that this is going to be how all the days of 2011 will be. My thoughts turned to Forest Gump this afternoon as I read a quote from the man who portrayed Forest's character beautifully, Tom Hanks.

Help publicly. Help privately. Help in your actions by recycling and conserving and protecting, but help also in your attitude. Help make sense where sense has gone missing. Help bring reason and respect to discourse and debate. Help science to solve and faith to soothe. Help law bring justice, until justice is commonplace. Help and you will abolish apathy-the void that is so quickly filled by ignorance and evil.

I'm thankful for this quote and I'm thankful for the story of Forest Gump. I'm thankful that loving and helping are things I can do every day and I don't have to have a resume to prove I can do them well.


  1. So good once again, Sonnie you are amazing and you write beautifully !!!!!

  2. ha...i love that you watched Forest Gump truly for the first time with Phil. ...i love that quote too. I like how is says to make sense where sense has gone missing. Very awesome....love ya


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