A simple mistake

Over the last month or so Rock has greatly increased his skill of using my iPhone. He slides the unlock button with his miniature pointer finger and proceeds to select apps that he finds interesting. He picks out little books like, "Oh the Places You'll Go" and "Yertle the Turtle." He enjoys playing a little Angry Birds every now and then, and he's getting better every day at a skateboarding game that I happen to enjoy as well. I've never sat down with Rock to show him how to use my phone. He just watches and observes. Somedays I catch myself watching his every move as he confidently uses my phone with such precision. It's honestly pretty stinkin' cute :)

A couple days ago he found the photo app that comes on the phone. He started flipping through old pictures of Phil and I. He was so excited to see our faces on the screen. Somehow he figured out how to set the back-round picture for my phone (it was purely an accident), and he just happened to pick out a picture of me sitting on the beach in Florida. I had taken the picture when I was 7 months pregnant on Phil and my "baby moon" to visit Phil's grandparents near Tampa. We spent an entire day on the beach and I embarrassingly wore my pre-pregnancy bikini because the thought of wearing a maternity bathing suit seemed depressing. Holy cow, now I know why people were awkwardly staring at me that whole day as I paraded myself up and down the beach in a very cute, but "not-so-flattering-on-a-good-sized-pregnant-lady" bathing suit. And no, I will not be posting pictures.

I've been craving the beach lately. Wanting so badly to feel the warm sun on my skin and to feel some ocean breeze. The cold here in Nashville has been more brutal than I remember it being the past 3 winters. It has been my menace. So...this glorious picture that magically appeared on my phone screen has been a welcomed reminder of warmer weather. And warmer weather reminds me that there is still life beating underneath the frozen ground I see everyday. I know in my head that God set up the seasons to remind us all of the ebb and flow of life...that things die because of the cold and heat, but they almost always come back to life. In my day-to-day life it's much more difficult for me to be content in my knowing.

I'm laughing as I think about the weather because deep down I know that after too many hot days in summer and too many days of wearing my bathing suit, I'll be craving a fireplace, snuggled next to it with my blanket, watching snow fall from the sky. But today I'm just thankful for Rock's simple mistake of changing my back-round photo so that I can look at the ocean everyday and remember what that feels like.


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