You bring life to my bones

My heart is beating today. I am obviously alive. The winter days tend to bring out the worst in me and sometimes make me feel lifeless, but not today. Things are shifting, God is revealing...I'm reminded of the things bigger than my day and I'm reeling.

The world is indeed dark and difficult. The sadness overtakes and breaks my heart some days. Circumstances seem hopeless and the people I'm praying for aren't doing any different. The words I say, the thoughts I think, the way I all seems mediocre at best and I forget that God is pumping breath and life and healing through-out the veins of our world.

My day yesterday was heavy. Depression, divorces, natural disasters, death, selfishness...all these things encircled my mind. But today God reminded me He is on the move. He hasn't forgotten. Each life and circumstance is precious and worth a second chance. Nothing is too dark or deep or crushing.

Changing a life is moving a mountain and He does it everyday!


  1. Good, wonderful words of encouragement and a great reminder of the gospel. Thanks Son, needed to hear this today. Love you friend!

  2. Jen, I'm glad you were encouraged! I had a serious light bulb turn on in my head yesterday and it reminded me of God's presence in a HUGE way. Love you too!


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