My body is yelling at me!

These past handful of days my body has been OUT OF WHACK! If I'm honest with myself I know I don't treat my body very well...I'm not a very balanced eater (I pick a couple things that I like to eat and eat them over and over) and exercise has escaped my daily routine since forever. I'm feeling it lately and I'm tired of knowing in my head and experiencing many uncomfortable days in my body.

For instance...on Friday night I went to a meeting for people who tour or who have spouses who tour. The meeting was great, but the evening also included a potluck. I can't honestly remember the last time I participated in a true potluck, but this one definitely made the cut. There were SO many dishes, the variety was overwhelming, and as a result my plate looked like it was having a dance party and things had gotten extremely crazy up in there. Before I started eating a thought crossed my mind wondering/hoping everything would settle alright in my belly. didn't.

I spent the next day visiting the bathroom too many times to count, all the while taking care of Rock because Phil was, you guessed it, out of town. I definitely have bouts of anxiety over Rock getting sick when Phil is gone, but I had never once thought about me being sick while Phil is gone. The day was filled with more grace from God than I could imagine and plenty of tears. We made it through, and at least regarding this post, it is beside the point :)

Although I did an amazing job drinking water and eating toast and crackers all without Phil encouraging me to do so, the next couple days following the nasty sickness were filled with me not drinking water, not being aware of the fact that I don't eat nearly enough protein, and that too much caffeine makes me jittery and light headed. I wake up many days with sore muscles and knots in my back. I don't stretch or run and I'm dying to make better choices.

During the meeting I mentioned up above, there was a panel of people answering questions who had been involved with touring for a good portion of time. They had the attendee's fill out cards asking the panel questions. My question, which shows a bit of my internal struggle right now, was "How do you fight long-term bitterness when your spouse gets to do and experience amazing things out on the road when you (me) are at home taking care of your (my) baby."

A woman on the panel who has been taking care of 3 boys while her husband has toured for 13 years answered the question first by saying something to the extent of putting a priority on keeping yourself healthy at home. She said exercising, eating healthy meals, and getting enough sleep were crucial in keeping an accurate perspective on what's truly going on. She said when she's tired or hungry or not feeling well it's more difficult to fight the bitterness. She also said sometimes it needs to be ok to feel bitter, but not let it take root in your heart.

Wow...I had never thought about that before and most days my body feels pretty crappy, which is a red flag. I'm still learning how to take care of my body and I'm learning that it directly affects how my heart and mind react to life.

I need some help with this...please send your thoughts and advice my way as I start turning my awareness into action on this subject!



  1. I have personally learned this last year that breakfast is so key. When I would not eat bfast I would just feel so lousy even if I had coffee or tea or had a big lunch and dinner. Also smaller lighter dinners really help out. I have also been vegetarian now for 11 months and feel great and have learned to appreciate so many new fruits and vegetables!

    But the number one thing is water. Get a 32oz Nalgene and focus on drinking at least one a day, or 2. Just staying hydrated makes everything inside work so much better.


    Good luck!

  2. Josh...

    Thank you for the practical advice. I seriously appreciate it!


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