I have a thing for Christmas cards...ooopsies!

Some may call me old fashioned. Some may say "c'mon Sonnie, Christmas cards are SO 10 years ago." But none the less they make this time of year brighter for me. In that same breath I am a Christmas card hypocrite because I have never successfully sent them out. Not surprising considering the fact that I am the girl who took a YEAR to get her wedding thank you's out and who wrote 75% of her baby shower thank you's and NEVER got them out. Whew...that felt good to get off my chest...as I turn red from embarrassment here in my living room.

My parents always had stacks of cards, accompanied by pictures, from people all over the place. I remember looking through them multiple times during the holiday season. I also remember my mom pulling out a card a day and praying for the person(s) that the letter came from. My mom is like that, just cares for people 24/7. I on the other hand don't do well with stacks of mail. Stacks of letters, coupons, bills, etc. are so easily stacked up and forgotten (except the bills). I haven't figured out a system to deal with the paper madness that gets bigger every day. Except for Christmas cards.

A couple years ago Phil was working for Starbucks and he brought home some Christmas decorations from the store after the season was over. My favorite piece of the loot was these strands of felt fabric with little clips attached to them, but I had no clue what to use them for. So as we pulled them out the next year, our creative minds (Phil's creative mind :) decided we should hang them around our door way from the living room to the kitchen and hang our Christmas cards on them. Brilliant I say!!!!! So here is what our doorway looks like this very moment!

I love walking through this doorway looking at a handful of beautiful people in our lives. As the cards trickle in the mail, one-by-one, we put them up and each person becomes a part of our Christmas. I love being reminded a million times a day of each person a card represents. So if we got a Christmas card from you I think about you and pray for you during this season. It's the best decoration we have to date!


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