On a Lighter Side...

I definitely have a tendency to write blog posts about things heavy on my heart. So to brighten up the previous downers (I hope even the downers bring encouragement cause that's what I'm here for), I thought I'd post some of the sentimental things that happened in 2010!

-Rock watched his first full length movie, Toy Story, and absolutely loves Woody and Buzz. Who doesn't??? And these Woody pj's my sister got Rock for Christmas take the cake!

-I purchased my first pair of skinny jeans. I love um. Except sometimes my knees feel like they are wearing leotards...they can be quite restricting.

-My hair is finally long again. After chopping off my locks in 2008, it took two years to grow back to where it is today. I loved it super short and I love it long, but the in-between was a bit brutal.



-Phil and I took our first trip away from Rock. It was everything we could have asked for and more. I love my man!

-We started going to Saint Bartholomew's Church in Nashville and it's felt like home from the minute we stepped into the parking lot one snowy Sunday last January. Could not be more thankful for this church!

-My good friend Annie published her 1st book called "From Head to Foot". It is absolutely amazing. God has given her hands to write and a heart to share. I couldn't be more proud of her. Check it out here!

-I got $45 dollars worth of gift cards to Pinkberry for Christmas. That's a lot of frozen yogurt, people!

-I started this blog! And it's given me more purpose and passion than I could have imagined. Here's to more writing in the future!

-I have more mom friends than I ever thought possible at the start of this year. 2010 started with a seeking heart for mom friends and has ended with a basket full of them. SOOOOO thankful!

-I am becoming more of who I've always hoped to be. Through my husband and little boy, honest friends, widening of my understanding of God and dreams in my life, all the while facing pain from the past and present...I am becoming more of me for the first time I can remember.


  1. Sounds like a great year! And your hair is so LONG! I would never recognize you if I saw you today! Beautiful :) Thank you for writing your blog, you are so apparent and it helps other moms like me in our daily struggles too!


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