Reflections on High-heels

I don't wear high heels. Besides the fact that they are incredibly intimidating, in the past I generally got a good amount of attention for being small (all five feet of me). So to justify my fear of "pumps" (HATE that word by the way) I convinced myself that by wearing them I would be lying in a way to everyone who sees me. This in hind sight is a very Christian girl thing to think and I am somewhat embarrassed to share this...mostly because many of my early thoughts in womanhood went along these same lines. What was I thinking???

Recently, Phil has been mentioning that he thinks it would be attractive for me to wear heels every once in a while. So...I shrugged my shoulders physically and emotionally and figured it wouldn't hurt to get a good pair. I don't own one pair of shoes that have a heel higher than an inch...problem.

Phil and I decided on our recent trip to Seattle it might be fun to buy a pair there...that way they would be sentimental (we are into sentimental). So we shopped our butts off and wouldn't you know it - I found a pair. I walked around in the store as gracefully as possible considering the fact that they are 5 INCH HEELS. What on earth was I thinking??? I wasn't thinking and a couple days later Phil and I got dressed up to go to dinner.

My hair is looking mighty curly and perfectly big, my dress and my make up are just right, and before the heels were on my feet they looked pretty awesome too :) We get outside on the bustling streets of Seattle...everyone walks there, even if it's raining...and I immediately realize that I'm walking as though I have bricks tied on my feet. For all the time spent beautifying myself none of it mattered anymore...I looked ridiculous.

It was pretty hilarious as it was happening. Parts of me were laughing at myself and other parts were feeling as though I was a five year old wearing pink plastic princess heels clomping around the house. Phil proceeded to tell me to "just be confident" about a million times, but even in brief moments of confidence it didn't make me walk any better. In those moments I wished so badly that the very heels I was wearing could magically turn into size 12 men's shoes so he could take a stab at it.

With all that to say I managed to stay on my two feet the entire night without falling over (although I took many balance breaks on our stroll). And sister and I went out for breakfast and a movie and she convinced me to bust them out to practice during our sister time. So I reluctantly put them back on, stinking 5 INCH heels, and I'm proud to say it turned out much better than I expected. Parts of me actually enjoyed wearing them and now I have decided that I am going to be "that" mom who wears heels to the grocery store...OR NOT!


  1. LOL, this is sooo funny and so true about heels!!They are awkward to walk in at times(not to mention they hurt after wearing them for awhile).I am always totally amazed at the women who wear them as if they were a natural part of their feet and say they are comfortable...

  2. hillarious! You blogged about high heels and i love it. I want to see you in those it it. I can't do heels...but i wonder now if Kevin would like me to? oh my...Maybe your feet begin to get used to them? dont know....

  3. Well Mandy...I must tell you that Phil and I looked up "how-to walk in high heels" videos last night and the #1 rule was if you haven't been regularly wearing heels to NOT buy 4 inch heels for your first try. I about died laughing cause that is exactly what I did. So if you get further inspired to buy a pair, start small :)


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