Are you my home??

Good Saturday afternoon to you! I usually can't tell the difference between weekend days and week days, but today definitely feels like a Saturday. Probably because Nashville's high temp for the day is 77 degrees. It's so easy to sing praises about the weather one day and mutter obscenities under your breath the next. But if the weather were a person today I would perform a musical for her (I think the weather is a girl...whatever).

Recently I've been thinking about what "home" means to me. It's always been a hazy subject in the life of Sonnie. I was born in a small town in Kansas and moved cross country about every year until I was 13 (my dad was not in the military...I'm still trying to figure out why we moved so much :). We settled in Arizona where I had great friends and went to college. But even after living there for 8 years the streets and landscape, the shopping and the weather...just didn't feel like much of a home in my heart (I love A HUGE amount of people who still live there...I mean no harm to good old AZ).

So after being married for 1.5 years Phil and I packed up and moved to Nashville, TN. I love it here, but there have definitely been days where I feel like I'm in the wrong place. I struggle between wanting so badly to settle and make a home "ours". A place where my children feel like they can take their problems off for a bit and enjoy comforting conversations and familiar smells. In the same breath I think "Where can we go next...what other city out there would welcome us with it's arms of opportunity??".

Today as Rock and I drove around with the windows down I felt deep down that after living in Nashville for 3 years it just might be my home. I want to be willing to go anywhere if needed, but more than that I realized today that the streets and trees, neighbors and friends, open fields and unique buildings feel more like home than I've felt in a LONG time.

No matter where we live I want God to have full control over the circumstances surrounding us...and today I felt God whisper in my ear..."enjoy this place, enjoy your home." So if I'm having a conversation with any of you and I start talking about what other cities out there fit my personality and how they might (or probably) have a better school system. Stop me! I really want to live to my Nashville.

Enjoy the day!


  1. wonderful post Sonnie....The weather was quote the Indigo Girls...." summer's beginning to give up its fight" and i love it too...
    i want Nashville to be your home.....Come have burgers with us tomorrow if you feel like it....but i knwo your man comes home so TOTALLY understand if you'd rather catch up together NOT around a million toddlers...ha ha.

  2. nashville for the win!!! :) love u.

  3. Thanks Mandy! You are incredibly sweet. I'd love to stop by tomorrow...we'll plan on it and if something comes up I'll let you know. It's people like you that help Nashville feel like home :) have always been a part of my Nashville home!


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