Filled to the Brim.

It's been years since I felt as content and full as I did yesterday. September 20th is a very normal day every year that just happens to be my birthday. Yesterday I turned 25 and I celebrated, my husband celebrated, my friends was a sweet thing!

I say this because I honestly don't let myself celebrate very often. Thinking to birthdays in the past, I generally work REALLY hard to convince myself my birthday isn't a big deal. "Don't expect anything, Sonnie. Don't get your hopes up, Sonnie. Don't, don't, don't, etc." I say these things in my mind over and over. But this year was so gloriously different.

Coming from a household of nine children I completely understand why my parents didn't make a huge deal out of birthdays. Quite frankly there is always a birthday. There are 12 months in a year, and 11 birthdays in my immediate family. I'm exhausted thinking about it. I did marry a man who thinks his birthday should be a national holiday...I love him for this and it cracks me up to see the pure delight on his face as talk of his birthday comes up at the beginning of every May. Still in the almost 5 years we've been married I've struggled to let myself enjoy my birthday. I'm so glad for at least one year my heart let go.

Yesterday was calm, most parts were completely normal...Rock napped, I did dishes, I picked Phil up in a Kroger parking lot where the buses park each time they get home from the road. We kissed hello and road quietly in the car. As the minutes and hours went by the friends and family who deeply love me let me know. They texted, called, took me out to ice cream, gave me hugs, met up for drinks, and laughed a lot. And all throughout the day God whispered to my heart, "you are loved my dear Sonnie...just relax your shoulders and be full today."

My hope is that every human being will know the feeling to be celebrated. Not because we deserve a grand party, but because we are works of art...designed to be loved by each other and our God. On this side of heaven my 25th birthday was a little slice of beauty that I will remember not just in my head, but fully in my heart.

Thank you...


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