Laughing at the little things

The more I sit down to write on this little blog, the more I am realizing it is falling into the "mom blog" category. I've decided I'm ok with that and if some non-mom blog posts pop up it'll be a treat (or something...). Haha.

I've had an incredibly peaceful good day today. Phil left again yesterday, which doesn't fall into the "peaceful good" category, but we had a really sweet goodbye after 3.5 days together. One thing is for sure whether our little family is a part or together we truly love each other. It's a big deal.

So, back to this day of mine. Thinking through what made this a good day is pretty laugh worthy...because most people out there would read these reasons and think I'm insane. But regardless here is a list of what made my day so glorious.

1. We got to have an awesome friend and her little boy come over this morning. The boys played, we chatted. It was great.

2. Rock sat in the shopping cart at Target without crying THE WHOLE TIME we shopped. He usually whines and cries constantly if he's in a cart. I was in heaven.

3. Rock played by himself on and off for about an hour this afternoon. Most days if Rock isn't in my lap or touching my leg, arm, foot, head, back, etc. he's am I :) I was almost tempted to make a huge sign to put in our front yard that said "ROCK CAN PLAY BY HIMSELF...MIRACLES HAPPEN!!!".

4. Rock ate his whole dinner without crying or spitting it at me. That was fun.

5. Precursor...Rock likes to poop in the bath tub. BUT, today I was able to grab him and put him on the toilet so the #2 went in the correct bathroom appliance. I honestly felt like a super hero or something (He then proceeded to run away from me naked and pee on the floor, but we don't have to talk about that.)

6. While I was singing to the little buddy before bed time, he hummed along to every song with me. The sweetness almost broke the windows in his bedroom or the chambers of my heart :)

There you have it! Thank you Rock for an awesome day!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful day today, I'm so glad he gave Mom a little space :) Charlotte likes playing by herself and with friends over, unless I'm in the kitchen for some reason. I can't imagine that being an all day thing! Hope this is him turning the corner!

  2. wow...brings tears to my eyes!


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