A Story about a Hostess Outlet Store??? Yes Please!

Lately a childhood memory has invaded my brain and I can't get it out. Phil and I were hanging with some friends recently and this famous family story came up. I laughed, shook my head, and about died as I shared the details. So please humor me...hopefully it'll get a chuckle out of you :)

When I was growing up my family did not have money. This never bothered me because I didn't know we were poor. I was home schooled so I'm sure that helped keep me in the dark. I'm completely ok that we grew up this way...we had a BLAST as kids and my parents did a great job at making fun out of nothing.

So, at this time in our family history my mom was pregnant with kid #6 (there are 9 of us in case you were curious), we were living in Mesa, AZ renting a small office building on a busy street (us kids thought this "home" was AWESOME because we all had dry erase boards in our bedrooms and our back yard was a parking lot, which allowed us to ride our bikes like crazy), and we just happened to live down the street from a Hostess Outlet Store. SCORE!

We would walk down to this Hostess store rather regularly...my mom liked getting bread from there and we liked the other stuff. One day the store was having a drawing for a shopping spree so we all filled out little tickets with our names and phone numbers and dropped them in the bucket. Having forgot all about this exciting shopping spree we signed up for earlier in the day, to our surprise the phone rang later that evening announcing that my sister had won. The next day she was to go to our beloved Hostess Outlet and grab as much as she could in 20 seconds (yes I said 20 seconds...cue the recorded laughter!!!!).

In our anticipation we emptied our pantry and set all the canned and boxed food we could find around our living room. With a stop watch in hand we proceeded to practice for the upcoming spree. My mom made it very clear that we needed bread and free bread was a big deal for our family; but all we could think about were the load of treats waiting for us.

The next day our entire family, including my dad, walked down to the store. My sister was so nervous. The cashier got my sister ready, positioning her behind a line painted on the floor. Ready, set, go! She was off and we were all yelling at her to grab what we wanted. I can so vividly remember my pregnant mom desperately belting out "get the bread, get the bread, don't forget the bread!!!!!". As quick as the spree began, it was over and to my mothers intense disappointment there was no bread in the cart.

We laughed all the way home, carrying our bags of goodies. My mom's sadness quickly faded and none of us will ever forget the 20 second shopping spree at the "neighborhood" Hostess Outlet Store.



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