A tribute and a thought

Lately I've had friends and family members giving birth left and right. It's interesting how life ebbs and flows. If friends having babies was a category on the stock market my financial planner would be begging me to buy and I would say "You are the smartest financial planner I've ever known." Haha.

I've felt this strain on my heart and in my head about this whole baby business. With every new person born I'm reminded of the incredible excitement and intense fear I felt as I held little Rock in my arms for the first time a little over a year ago. Generally I don't like to remember that time in my life, but I've felt inspired to post a tribute to the new mom's out there that are looking at their new little ones thinking "you are the best thing that my eyes have ever seen and I think I may die because of you :)."

Moms...you are going to make it. More than that you are going to thrive. God made us women to take on this incredible task and when things feel beyond your every capability to handle... hear God whisper in your ear "I'm here and I made you for this. Don't be afraid." Sleep will come back, your body will come back, your mind will come back...this season has a beautiful purpose that gets disguised by bodily fluids and cries. But take heart...the beauty is real. I believe in all of you because I remember not believing in myself as my baby boy grew, but others reassured me and carried me through.

And...when you just don't know if you can make it another day. Please remember in a short year your little guy or girl will have amazing pictures like these you get to share with your friends!


  1. "This season has a beautiful purpose disguised with bodily fluids and cries".....that is a good line Sonnie....Thanks for this post...its a good reminder of the beauty amidst this caos....Rock looked so cute in his "stache"....


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