A little hope.

The last couple days have been a smorgasbord of ups and downs. Busy days and lonely nights are rather typical, leaving me a good amount of time to think as the sun goes down. I hash things out, over think, and under communicate. Most times when my husband Phil asks me an important question I sit in silence trying to organize a sentence in my head that reads the way I want it to come out. I take forever long to communicate with my mouth cause the minute I open it, the words that spill out sound vague and foreign. Reading and writing things makes a bucket load more sense to me than talking most of the time. If it was up to me Phil and I would never talk, we'd just write letters back and forth to each other...maybe not :)

Sorry for the tangent above! In other news...there has been this church kiosk I've driven by numerous times lately that has grabbed my attention. Generally I believe kiosk's were specifically made for cheesy cliche' sayings to be written on and I drive by them waiting to chuckle at the less than profound words splashed across the sign. Cynical??? Maybe. This particular kiosk is at a small church in a neighborhood. When I drive by it on Sunday's there are groups of women in their 60's, 70's, and 80's standing outside all decked out in church attire...matching hats and dresses, gloves and purses. I love them without even knowing them. I'm sure one of these special ladies wrote this eye catching thought on the road side sign. I guess I hope one of them did.

The saying is...

"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something."

I have found a generous amount of hope in that saying because I know in my heart it is true. How else do people suffer through poverty and abuse, torture and imprisonment, for the sake of Jesus and still shout praises to His name? How else can purpose be found in seeming nothingness...the routine of life that is dictated by the culture around us? How else do I love my husband and baby boy with the bigness of my heart and the weakness of my hands?

I love knowing when my spirits are low and my body is weak that God is still up to something. That it's not up to me to fill a void or carry a load on my own.

I love knowing a big God.


  1. LOVE This post.....GOD is up to something. Cant wait to see it unfold. Good to see you at the park yesterday....i think your b-day is Monday? Saw that on facebook. Happy early Birthday...


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