A little downtown adventure

Yesterday took Rock and I to downtown Nashville. I was a little hesitant at the idea at first, but the morning in downtown turned out to be incredibly sweet. Here's a little breakdown of our mini adventure.

Phil was home, but had a massage scheduled in the morning. Since we drive one car between the two of us that would mean either Rock and I stay home for a couple hours or Phil could drop us off somewhere. As I was thinking about where we could spend our time the library came to mind.

The Nashville library system is pretty awesome and I do hold a special place in my heart for the downtown library. It's the kind of place that seems like it jumped out of a book itself. The kids section is so wide open with a GREAT outdoor courtyard and a childrens theater where they hold story time. And let me tell you, story time in this theater is the definition of precious.


Rock has a somewhat tainted track record at this wonderful place. Don't ask me why but the library seems to bring out the worst in my child. Maybe it's the silence...there's no back round music to cover up the cries/screams. Or maybe Rock is innately a rule breaker...maybe his little mind says "Hey buddy, scream when it's quiet...that's the ticket!". Who knows?? Regardless our times at the library look a lot like this...


Yesterday's trip was very redeeming. We had a great time at story time and I didn't have to quickly shuffle out of the library holding a crying kid. Since story time is only 30 minutes we had some time to kill before Phil could pick us up. So I loaded Rock into the stroller and headed out the front door to good old downtown. We waved to a lot of homeless people. Rock is good at waving at anyone and everyone, which I adore! We cruised over to Starbucks and bought a little treat to share. As we sat outside and ate our snack we pointed at birds and watched people in suits walking down the street. The busyness was oddly peaceful for me.

We continued to walk down 2nd street toward Broadway. In the midst of the honkey tonk bars we found a courtyard tucked away with some cute shops. The area was filled with cool air as the air conditioning from other businesses filtered through to this particular spot. We found a little candy shop that smelled like heaven inside and we distracted a couple dozen business people having, what looked like, a very important meeting. I guess that's what they get for putting HUGE windows from floor to ceiling on a public street. Rock enjoyed making faces at them and I think they probably liked it too!

Phil picked us up on Broadway after our two hour morning quest (quest was the "word on the street" on Sesame Street today...thanks for that!) Our morning was a blast. It's great to be in an area 2 miles from our place and feel like I was a world away. These successful outings with my boy are pretty darn worth the craziness of other days!

And please ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!!


  1. Love it! By the way, Ivy ALWAYS fills her diaper at the library... never fails. Something about the library huh?:)

  2. That picture makes me LOL every.single.time.

  3. Annie...the picture made the blog mostly because of you. Glad it still makes you laugh!


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